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Creative Autism Solutions Team
(CAST) has a mission - to provide readily accessible and affordable caring therapeutic services and social skills development opportunities for children on the autism spectrum and other neurological challenges, thereby assisting them in reaching their full potential.

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Autism & Differing Minds
Mentoring, Consultation, Resources

 •  Reaching out to All Parents and
     Caregivers who need mentoring,
     consultation, resources and other
     support for children-teens-adults with
     differing minds. Including but not
     limited to Autism, Aspergers,
     ADD/ADHD, LD, Anxiety, etc.
 •  Complimentary initial meeting.
     Anything thereafter is based on low
     cost sliding scale.
 •  24-48 hour call back
 •  Appointment delivered within one
 •  Sessions offered via phone, skype, in
    home, or Pleasanton office.


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Parent Mentoring
Autism & Differing Minds

Autism Awareness Jewerly

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